This poem is inscribed on Hafiz’s tomb at Shiraz


Where is the news that make me one with you – I would give up the ghost:
I am that paradisial bird whom the world’s snare cannot hold.

By your love I swear it, if you give the summons to be your slave
I will soar beyond the dominions of Time and Space.

Send down, oh my Lord, your rain from the guiding cloud,
Or I shift from the center of things like a speck of dust.

If you sit above my grave with music and wine
At the fragrance of you I shall rise from that narrow place and dance.

O exquisite image arise, show forth your form with its grace,
I will rise, and motion farewell to life and the world.

Though I am old, let me spend one night by your side,
and I shall arise at dawn with my youth renewed.